Allen, Homer

Allen, Homer My introduction to Art was through painting, building and designing sets in my father’s theater company. I grew up working with professional…

Reed, Michael

Reed, Michael   R. Michael Reed 3D paintings and sculptural creations of multi-level geometric patterns on Plexiglass bring Op art to new Post-Post Modernism heights. While…

Adams, Matt

Adams, Matt   As a soul existing for over 40 years in this (current?) lifetime, I find great satisfaction in expressing myself through the…

Brents, Daniel

Brents, Daniel   THE ARTIST   Following a career as an architect and urban planner, who has lived and worked in Europe, Asia and…

McBride, Ann

McBride, Ann   Artist Bio Ann Bedingfield McBride was born in Freeport, Texas and grew up in Brazoria County, graduating from Angleton High School…

Owens, Crystal

Owens, Crystal

Crystal Notorious

  • Allen, Homer
  • Reed, Michael
  • Adams, Matt
  • Brents, Daniel
  • McBride, Ann
  • Owens, Crystal


Visual Arts Alliance (VAA) is an educational organization for serious practitioners of the visual arts and interested members of the general public. Founded in Houston, TX in 1981, VAA is an all volunteer-run, 501(c)3, non-profit organization.   VAA produces professionally juried art exhibitions providing opportunities for members and non-members to have their work professionally judged and viewed by the general public. VAA also organizes educational programs including studio, gallery and museum tours in addition to presentations of art-related resources. Recreational programs provide creative and supportive events beneficial to artists.               Partners/Sponsors:  


Kolander, Padaric

I’m looking forward to moving back to Houston and becoming involved. Thank you.

Nikolova-Houston, Tatiana

I haven’t been involved in VAA, since I just joined your organization, but I hope to have a great experiences and stories to share soon.

Baugus, Mark

Trying to get as enclosed as I can as I start showing my art.

News and Events

Artist trading cards lecture/demonstration/workshop

On Tuesday, June 6, Kari Bas, the VAA’s new Board Secretary, hosted an Artist Trading Card lecture and workshop. Kari, an active participant in the Artist Trading Card (ATC) scene…

July program – To Catch an Art Thief” – author Vivian T-N Ho

Visual Arts Alliance (VAA) had a fascinating look into the art world’s dark underbelly, courtesy of Vivian T-N Ho, author of To Catch an Art Thief. The discussion was held…

March program: Inside the Selection Process

On March 4, VAA provided a rare opportunity to get inside the minds of Jurors and their exhibition selection process. Even with a Juror’s biography provided, artists often wonder, “what…